Male Teachers Wear Skirts To School In Support Of Expelled Student

There are many different ways to make a point, and male teachers and students at a school in Spain seem to have found a great way to do it. In November 15-year-oldMikel Gomezwas expelled from the school after wearing a skirt to school to promote gender nonconformity and was also forced to see a psychologist over the incident.

Now, male teachers and students at the school are wearing skirts every day to show their support for Gomez. Among them, Math teacher Jose Pinas, who started the movement.On social media, he explains he “suffered persecution and insults for my sexual orientation” at the school.

Soon after, two more teachers decided to wear skirts every day, and then hundreds of boys in the student body followed suit. The school has agreed to offer a course on gender equality in response to the movement.