Is It Wrong To Put The Toilet Seat In The Dishwasher For “Easy Cleaning”?

Are you ready for a maddening debate? On TikTok, Alison Koroly has sparked controversy with a 12-second video showing a guy taking off his toilet seat, and putting it into the dishwasher for “easy cleaning.” 

  • One side of the argument is that it's disgusting to put your poopy toilet seat in the dishwasher with the plates, cookware, glasses, and silverware you’re going to eat and drink with.
  • The other side could argue that anything that goes into the toilet originates from the food that’s served on those very same plates, cookware, glasses, and silverware…and clean is clean, right? 

Now, the floor is yours. Play nice, everyone!

Source: TikTok/Alison Koroly

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