"Dirty Dancing" Is Coming Back...AGAIN.

I feel like a broken record lately. One that just keeps playing the same thing over and over. Not musically, but with the news I’m sharing. Here we go again, another 80s reboot!

We just talked about "Who’s The Boss" coming back to TV. Now, we find out "Dirty Dancing" will return to theatres. No...not the original. A brand new version. Haven’t they done this before? There were at least two sequels that I can remember.

This one will actually star Jennifer Grey. She’s also an executive producer of the film. We’re not sure if it’s a remake or a sequel, nor do we know what role Jennifer will play. Either way, I’m sure everyone involved will have – wait for it – the time of their lives.

Maybe we should just text Jennifer and ask her what's up. I'm sure this is REALLY her cell!

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