What Will The Professional Cuddlers Do?!?

I'm dedicating tonight’s show to the ones who have really taken the brunt of this pandemic. Not the front line workers. Not even those who came down with COVID. No, I’m talking about professional cuddlers. This is an actual business! You go into their office, lie down, and they cuddle with you. At least, that's how it worked BEFORE the pandemic...as this video explains:

Coronavirus brought that line of work to a halt...temporarily. Turns out there is an alternative and the cuddlers are adapting! Sessions have gone virtual. You ask, “how does THAT work?” Well, they guide you into a self-cuddle position while making a connection with eye contact through online video.

I didn’t think there could be anything hinkier than the original method, but this takes the cake! Tonight, I am cuddling myself while my cat Stripe watches from across the room. Give it a try! You wouldn’t believe how much money you’ll save ;-)