Listen To The Sweetest Voicemail From Minnie Mouse Left To Two Little Boys

We say this all the time, our listeners are the best and here's a classic example why. This morning, we had Amanda of West Covina, CA call in and share something that made her and her sons feel good. Amanda is a hardworking mama of two little boys, Kaleb and Kodi. A few years ago, she worked selling high end home theater equipment and was shocked to discover who one of her customers turned out to be. Amanda described her most memorable customer named Russi Taylor as one of the sweetest & loving. She was also the voice of Disney's iconic Minnie Mouse for over 30 years!! Russi was known to be very low key and genuine. She never made a big deal about things and always thought of the kids. Shortly after Amanda & Russi met over a TV transaction, Russie asked Amanda if she could leave her sons a voicemail. The voicemail hit Amanda's inbox and she was able to surprise her two little boys with a gift they will always remember. Listen to the voicemail left by Minnie Mouse that they will cherish forever:

Check Out The New "Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration" At Downtown Disney
Check Out The New "Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration" At Downtown Disney
Discovering this unique Disney experience with someone will be perfect for your Instagram! Expect lots of glitz, shine, matte & sparkle! πŸ€³πŸ“ΈπŸ”‹πŸ“±
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