Learn How To Make Tiramisu with Me!

Who doesn't love tiramisu?

How would you like to learn to make it using an authentic recipe from a chef in Tuscany? Sign me up! We've got a special opportunity for Star listeners to win an interactive cooking class.

Five winners will get to join me for this awesome culinary experience that beams us (virtually) to Tuscany where your charming local Tuscan teacher, Bea, will guide us step-by-step on how to make the perfect tiramisu. As we're assembling each layer of this mouth-watering dessert, Bea will entertain us with stories about this iconic recipe, life in Tuscany, and share many tips and tricks for becoming an instant tiramisu master.

Class Highlights

  • Learn how to make the perfect tiramisu in a fun and easily repeatable way
  • Enjoy a taste of life in Tuscany without leaving your kitchen
  • Discover the authentic recipe passed down from Bea’s family recipe, and where so many imposter versions go wrong.

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