Wow! She Ate How Many Pieces of Pumpkin Pie In 10 Minutes?

Molly Schuyler of California loves to eat. In fact, she calls herself a professional eater. She certainly proved that point recently when she downed 50 pieces of pumpkin pie in 10 minutes to win the New York State 10th Annual Hands-Free World Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest.

Schuyler not only won the contest, but she set a world record with the number of pie slices she ate. The previous record was 47. Guess who set that record in 2017? Molly Schuyler, who else!

Molly won $1,000 dollars for winning the event, plus she won an additional $500 for setting a new world record. Not bad for 10 minutes of work, huh? I think she is all warmed up for Thanksgiving's traditional pumpkin pie!

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