Pregnant Woman Furious After Mother-in-Law Steals From Her Nursery

When you get married you expect to be gaining a number of new lovely family members (they are related to your other half after all).

However, one woman has received a nasty surprise in the shape of her mother in law, who has shows her true colors once she announced her pregnancy.

Taking to the r/JUSTNOMIL forum, the pregnant woman explained: "I'm 7 months pregnant, she's been making my life miserable ever since, she'd call everyday to check on her unborn 'precious' grandbaby, she tried to talk me into going to the doctor's appointment with her, demanded that we send her sonogram picture of our baby and went nuts when we ignored her request."

She continued: "It's been so tiring constantly having to live with her drama while focusing on my pregnancy.

"A few weeks ago, my mother in law called me and offered that we stay at her house after I give birth because my husband will have more trips in the upcoming months as well, and that I will need someone to help take care of our newborn baby.

"My answer was clear, I told her, no, thank you, we've already discussed/arranged for that and decided that I will go over to my mom's after I get out of the hospital."

After this, she "got mad and jealous and threw a fit", and even started badmouthing her own mother saying "I was playing favorites and ignoring her."

However, things got worse after this, as the pregnant woman got home one day and realized that a number of items from her nursery was missing, including the mattress, blankets, clothes and diaper packs that she'd only bought a week earlier.

She thought she'd been robbed at first and was about to call the police until her brother-in-law got in touch and revealed what had happened: "He told me that his mom showed up, took all those things and brought them to her house, and put them in the spare room that she had turned into a nursery in just a matter of two days.

"I was stunned, why would she do something like that?

"I get it, she wants to force me and my baby to stay at her house for a few weeks and put together a nursery by stealing from my house. "

Left "beyond angry" with her mother-in-law's actions, she said that she'd "spent hours just yelling at her on the phone" and demanded she return all the nicked items.

She continued: "She tried to sugar coat it and say that I won't have to move the nursery over to my mom's now and that she had everything set and organized, she even said that she bought other stuff for the baby that she couldn't wait to show me."

The mom-to-be explained: "I'm just so done with this rude self-centered controlling b**** of a mother-in-law trying to dictate my life and my baby's life, this is the final straw and I can't take this anymore I'M DONE."

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