Cardi B Plays Santa, Spreads The Wealth In New Holiday Ad For Pepsi

Cardi B has teamed up with Pepsi for another entertaining ad after their Super Bowl LIII TV spot, but this time the rapper is celebrating the holidays.

On Thursday (November 21), the beverage giant unleashed a new campaign and Bardi, 27, is at the center of the venture with "Gift it Forward: A Cardi Carol." During the two-minute clip, viewers walk through an animated story about how Santa neglected to give the rapper any gifts as a child because she was placed on the naughty list. "I'll give the gift we all walk, the gift sweeter than honey. I'll find a way to give everyone --- money," the narrator recites.

Immediately after, the animation transitions to a clip of real-life Cardi inside what is deemed Cardi's Twerk Shop to a customized version of "Here Comes Santa Claus." After making her rounds of the warehouse, where she suggests an elf use "less hands and more hips" to dance and sees others printing bills with her face, the rapper hops in her whip with cases of Pepsi boxes, before delivering the campaign's biggest details. "Scan your Pepsi, get a match and gift that money forward to whoever you want. Keep the Pepsi, gift the cash," she says, referring to their new campaign, which gives Pepsi drinkers the chance to win and gift money using the company's newly-designed 12-packs and the QR-codes attached to the packaging.

"I was excited because it’s like Christmas themed and you know, who doesn’t get excited to do Christmas stuff," she told PEOPLE. "I was like, 'Aw it’s going to be extravagant! I can’t wait!'"

As for the rapper's own holiday plans, Cardi B said that she wants to keep it low-key this year. "I'm going to Atlanta," she said of heading to her husband’s hometown for Thanksgiving. “I spend it with Offset‘s family. A lot of open space down there, so I can’t wait."

Photo: YouTube/Pepsi