5 Photos from Josh's Trip To California

Photo 1: We arrived to LAX last Saturday and took the day to rest. Sunday we had tickets to the Cardinals vs Rams. The new SoFi Stadium is incredible.

Photo #2: Hard to explain, but it didn't even feel like a football stadium. It felt like something out of the future.

Photo #3: I found myself out for walks daily. Exploring the coast, beaches, and every pier I could. This was just off the Redondo Beach pier.

Photo #4: Warm rays and wind from crashing waves hitting my face. I loved every second.

Photo #5: Beuatiufl Los Olivos, SoCal Wine Country! Nestled in a valley, absolutely incredible.

I have 5 bonus photos from all my fun!!

Photo #6: This was my favorite spot on the trip we visited. Carhartt Family Wine in Los Olivos. Yes, owned by the same family who owns the Carhartt apparel company.

Photo #7: Here's a look at the Carhartt Family Wine's back patio. An amazing vibe with great music and wines.

Photo #8: The coast along Malibu is always breath taking. I never wanted to leave that spot.

Photo #9: Our final night was spent enjoying a few drinks at El Segundo Brewing Company. Their pizza was great too!

Photo #10: Just before we left for the airport, we enjoyed breakfast at a near by park. I can't wait to go back!

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