5 Photos from my Weekend, Sept 10-12th

Photo #1: I was off for a few days last week to get away and enjoy a bachelor party for my Girlfriend's brother. It was located in Traverse City, MI only about 45 minutes south of my grandparents cottage in Cadillac, MI. I left early in the day to spend the afternoon with them!

This is always a sad sight. Summer is over when the boat is out of the water. Always the worst feeling to see this.

Photo #2: A hidden gem up along Sutton's bay outside of Traverse City. Friday began with a trip to Hoplot Brewing Co & Beer Garden. The party started that day with cold brews (not the coffee) and corner hole. We got a perfect day for weather....can't beat it!

Photo #3: How cool is this table? A camper inside of Middlecoast Brewing Co. I had to snag a photo!

Photo #4: ....and on the inside of the camper, I found the gem! Always Reppin!

Photo #5: Here's a photo from Saturday afternoon in Traverse City's Wine Country. Taken a top of Chateau Chantel, the vineyard and winery offers beautiful views of Traverse City.

Bonus Photo: Here's how we were watching some college football Saturday. All the games we want in one spot, can't beat it!

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