5 Photos From My Weekend July 16th-19th

Photo #1: For the last few weeks, I've needed a quick get away. You might recall that I shared that my family has a summer cottage in Cadillac, MI. For reference, Cadillac is about 40+ miles south of Traverse City. Here we are enjoying an evening boat cruise on Lake Mitchell. Can't beat a sunset with my Mom, Dad and Girlfriend. We enjoyed a few of those over the weekend.

Photo #2: Seriously, we couldn't have asked for a better sunset if we tried. It was absolutely beautiful all weekend, but this moment had to be my favorite on the lake.

Photo #3: Ribs anyone?? One of the best parts of going up north is the food we cook. I had found some Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce this summer, so I brought it up to enjoy...and yeah, those ribs were as good as they look there.

Photo #4: Each night up north usually ends with a campfire, if the weather permits. The conditions this weekend were perfect and you could see others around the lake enjoying as well.

Photo #5: Now I'm not exactly expecting anyone to say they've enjoyed a movie at the Cadillac 4 who is reading this...but, I grew up going to this theater during the summers. I was heartbroken last summer when I learned that it was closed. I thought it was gone for good, until a trip downtown yesterday. It looks like it reopened during the holidays. I didn't got to see a movie, but I did grab a fresh bucket of popcorn.

New theaters are obviously nice and have the latest tech to enhance the movie going expirence. Nothing quite beats going back to the old theater you grew up going to. Simply alone for the nostalgia. It looks like the same place I remembered fondly on the inside. Even down the air hockey table and old arcade machines.

One Bonus Photo: GO Cadillac High Vikings!

Seriously, go explore the state up north and all of the different lake towns. Time really does slow down up there.

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