Idiot IRS Scammer Threatens To Arrest Police Officer


It’s always heartwarming when a crook is just so dumb that they end up basically putting themselves in jail. That’s exactly what happened when a tax scammer idiotically tried to pull off his scuzzy heist on a police officer who specializes in telephone fraud.

Hilarious video from the Eau Claire Police Department shows the moment when Officer Kyle Roder fielded a call from a conman. In broken English, the scammer tried to get Roder to provide his name and address so he could look up his case file.

Roder goes along with the scam and plays dumb in order to give the caller more rope to hang himself with. Slowly but surely, his story unravels as he claims to be an IRS officer named James Maxwell Johnson who needs Roder’s information to prevent the local sheriff’s department from coming to arrest the “victim.”

At the end of the video, Detective Don Henning assures that no police department would ever issue a warrant for a case like this. The department will not pursue the scammer since he is likely located outside of the country, but it has released the video in the hopes that it will save some gullible people from getting hoodwinked.

Amy Malone

Amy Malone

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