These Two Were Destined To Be Together

In the same way two humans can form a very close and special relationship with one another, dogs can too. A senior dog named Caesar and a puppy named Saskia fell in love with one another, but their hearts were broken when they were separated. There was no guarantee that they would ever see each other again.

Before the dogs met, they lived in different areas of Blikkiesdorp, a township in Cape Town, South Africa. Life in Blikkiesdorp is definitely not filled with luxury – it is one of the poorest areas in Cape Town, and there is high level of gang violence to deal with. Blikkiesdorp is definitely not the safest place to live, even for two pups.

Three South African women, Rosie Kunneke, Dinielle Stockigt and Clarina Hanekom, wanted to do something positive for all of the animals that they’ve seen struggling in Blikkiesdorp. They started Tin Can Town, an organization that provides life-saving animal services to cats and dogs. The organization also neuters and spays animals, provides veterinary care and offers food. They’re an around the clock organization that is constantly ready to give a helping hand to any animal that needs it.

One day, Kunneke was out in Blikkiesdorp when she came upon Caesar. From that moment, anytime he heard their car, he almost always came running up to welcome them. He was living with a couple in a nearby shack and was very thin, so they always delivered food to him and gave him vet care.

His humans ended up breaking up, and Caesar stayed with the woman, who evidently didn’t take care of him. One day, children from the area threw rocks at him, injuring his head as well as his nose. Because Caesar was ten years old, Kunneke feared that he wouldn’t live for much longer if he remained in this terrible state. She took him and put him in foster care to heal.

At the same time, a four-month-old pup named Saskia from a nearby area of Blikkiesdorp also needed their help. She was seriously emaciated and had gastroenteritis. Immediate medical attention became critical. After they got her back in good health, they went to return her to her owners, but ended up at an empty lot. It was obvious to Hanekom that the owners had given her the wrong address simply because they didn’t want the pup anymore.

Saskia then wound up at the same foster home where Caesar was staying. For Saskia and Caesar, it turned out to be love at first sight. The two became inseparable and followed one another almost everywhere. They played together, ate together, and also slept in the very same dog bed.

The time finally came for Caesar to go to his furever home. A retired couple in Cape Town adopted him and provided him with a lot more love than he has ever been given. Even though Caesar was very happy to be in a new, permanent home, he had sadly left behind his best friend.

Saskia got depressed without Caesar around. She grew very stressed out and didn’t even want to play. She would just lie in her bed where she and Caesar had always slept together. She was always searching the house for him, but didn’t know where her best friend had gone. They tried looking for a furever family for her too, but didn’t have any luck.

A couple of months later, Caesar’s adoptive parents got in touch with Tin Can Town to look for a friend for Caesar. They mentioned that Caesar appeared disheartened and they wanted to get a companion for him. Of course, as fate would have it, Saskia was still searching for a furever home. They brought Saskia to Caesar’s new home, and they recognized one another immediately. They wagged their tails, licked one another, and then took a nap in the same bed.

Caesar’s new parents knew that they had to adopt Saskia so that the two could always be together, and they have been inseparable since that time! It is always a beautiful thing to see rescue dogs finding new homes, but for these two to find one together is just amazing!

Amy Malone

Amy Malone

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