This Girl Is An Inspiration

Here is Kayla's story...

About one year ago I started working out with a personal trainer and changing up my diet so I wasn't shoveling fat into my face constantly at all hours of the day. For example: instead of eating pizza three nights a week I now only eat it once, feel bad about myself the next day (I only eat pizza if it's 2 a.m. and I'm stoned outta my gourd) and then throw myself onto the stair master for 45 minutes out of shame. When I'm REALLY sticking to my diet, I eat once every 3-4 hours, don't eat bread, cheese, dairy or lunch meat; most of my carbohydrates come from brown rice or vegetables.

I realize how that sounds -- and yes, nothing tastes better than skinny feels. But to anyone out there who feels like losing weight isn't attainable, just take a look at 22-year-old Kayla, a Canadian nursing student who's been documenting her weight loss journey on Instagram under the handle @Kayla_GotFit:

Amy Malone

Amy Malone

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