Cheerleader Busted For DWI After She Wouldn't Stop Doing Cartwheels


An Albuquerque cheerleader chose the worst possible time show off her gymnastics skills. Bryelle Marshall was pulled over for driving recklessly, and instead of complying with a standard sobriety test, she instead decided to pull off multiple cartwheels.

The footage shows an incredibly patient cop trying to get the 23-year-old to comply to the sobriety test, but she cannot even seem to determine which direction he wants her to walk. At one point, she even strikes a bizarre pose.

“We’re not doing yoga, I don’t know what you’re doing. Put your hands down,” the exasperated cop says as the drunken woman balances on one leg.

Marshall suddenly vaults into a surprisingly good cartwheel, but the officer isn’t impressed: “If you continue to do this, I’m going to take this as a refusal to do the field sobriety test,” he warns.

Sure enough, another failed attempt at a cartwheel results in Marshall tumbling to the ground – and eventually behind bars.

The belligerent blonde was charged with aggravated drunken driving, battery, and having an expired license plate, while the arresting officer was praised for not losing his cool.

“Officers on-scene were extremely patient with Marshall, giving her several opportunities to complete the required tests,” the Albuquerque Police Department said in a statement.

Honestly, though, isn't a cartwheel more impressive than walking in a straight line?

Amy Malone

Amy Malone

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