Seattle Company To Market A Robot-Making Pizza Machine!

So.....would you eat a pizza that was made by a robot? A tech company in Seattle is betting you will! Picnic (yes that’s the company’s real name!) is touting its new robotic pizza making machine that can create 300 12-inch pizzas in an hour! The company spent three years designing and creating the machine.

The dough moves along a conveyor and has the cheese, sauce, and toppings placed upon it by machinery above the conveyor. The machine cannot make the dough or toppings, and it cannot place the dough on the conveyor. Humans must still do this.

The company is testing prototypes in select areas of the country. Picnic says that the machine will be able to be modified to perform other food-related tasks besides pizza. So how does the pizza taste? The company claims that customers couldn’t tell the difference between the robot’s pies and ones made by humans!

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