German City To Install Signals On The Ground For Smartphone Users Safety!

How many times have you seen someone so engrossed with their smartphone that they run into someone or something? Maybe you have even done it yourself! Well a city in Germany is taking the necessary steps to insure that such people remain safe while crossing a railroad track.

A company called Stadtwerke Augsburg has equipped two rail stations with experimental traffic signals that blink “green” when it’s safe to cross and “red” when you are about to be “squashed by a vehicle that weighs 50 tons!” Now since phone users are looking towards the ground, the signals are ON the ground so you can’t miss them!

It’s an idea that could also work in the United States where distracted phone users seem to be racking up injuries with alarming frequency! It’s too bad that it has come to this, but at least one company it’s trying to come up with a positive solution.

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